Venice. Lagoon. History. Carnival. Four keywords which are inevitably connected to Veneto. But the region has an so much more to offer: Holidays on the northern Adriatic coast with its long, sandy beaches; the Euganei hills west of Abano and Montegrotto Terme, Lake Garda´s western shores, the World Cup ski piste of Cortina d-Ampezzo. Is this what you associated with Veneto, too? If not, come and visit and see for yourself the versatility this area between the Adriatic coast and the high mountains has to offer. Not even literature could ignore the region. Who doesn´t know the tragic story about Romeao and Julia from Verona?

Not to speak about the countles poems, plays and novels that are set in Venice, this fascinating city where the dreamy and loving couples feel so much at home. Naturally, the culture of epochs long gone enjoys a special status in the bigger cities. But travellers should not limit themselves to visiting the centres, but should rather make use of the entire offer which is as versatile as the landscape. Relax in the volcanic Colli Euganei region whose creation is directly linked to the existence of the hot springs in Abano Montegrotto. These towns offer you virtually anything related to health.

Do you like taking long walks along the Adriatic coast and enjoying a bigger variety of entertainment, cuisine and much more at night? It´s all there to be used. Discover ”your” Veneto, because the intimate impression is all that counts.