The song about Heidi, the little Swiss girl that falls in love with the Alps and their people, probably sums up best the cliché surrounding Switzerland. Few people know, for instance, that Switzerland is a country in which wine is cultivated. But then, there are in fact products that have managed to put the country on the maps much more easily. The cheese from Emmental, fondue, Swiss precision watches and pocket knives are just some examples that show that Switzerland has far more to offer than just mountains and cattle. Many multi-national companies and organisations, eg. the Red Cross, have their headquarters in Switzerland.

The northern border is made up by Lake Constance and the River Rhine, the southern national periphery runs past Lake Geneva via Lago Maggiore to the mountainous region near St Moritz. And inbetween these borders you find the small, multi-lingual mountain republic divided in cantons. German, Swiss and Italian are the major languages, while Rhaeto-Roman is only spoken by a few. The unique character this lingual mix lends to the country makes it even more special and worth visiting.

From a tourism point of view this country in the heart of Western Europe has an awesome lot to offer. Just think of the Aletsch Glacier, proclaimed a World Natural Heritage, or the picturesque Matterhorn mountain in the canton of Valais. Then there are Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore in Ticino, known for their Mediterranean climate. Not to forget Lake Lucerne with ist famous chapel bridge, or Geneva on the lake which bears the same name. Geneva is a truly international city in the south-west of Switzerland, boasting with countless stately buildings, many small lakes and a great number of sights.

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