North Sea

Germany’s North Sea coast and its tidelandr are considered to be amongst the most unique natural attractions the country has to offer. A multitude of living creatures which are barely visible to the human eye call this area their home. The North Sea is dominated by high and low tide: More often than not, we are puzzled as to whether the ground we are standing on belongs to the land or to the sea. Just as the human inhabitants of this land, the miniscule creatures living underground have to constantly deal with this. This is probably the reason why the people who live on the holms and North Sea islands are a very unique type of human being, very hard and inapproachable at first sight, but then again always very helpful.

In ancient times, the inhabitants oft he North Sea shoreline used to mainly live on fishing and shipping. Agriculture was another important source of income. This has not changed until today and this is one of the reasons why you find one of Europe’s largest fruit-growing region in the so-called Großes Land. Being as it is, the land which is as level as a porcelain plate seems perfectly suited for agriculture and livestock breeding. In recent years, tourism has shaped into another formidable economic sector. The fact that the air contains a lot of iodine means that especially the health tourism sector benefits. A piece of land for you and me, as the slogan goes.

However, the large towns and cities along the rivers also attribute to the popularity of the region. Hamburg on the Elbe river does not only offer one of Europe’s largest and most important hubs of the marine industry. The city also many, many sights worth visit. Same of course applies to Bremen which looks back on a dreamlike history of wealth and glamour. Many other smaller towns and villages, almost each of them hiding a few cultural and historic treasures which are not likely to find in any travel guide, nestle into the bounteous landscape and are also worth a visit. And the regional cuisine … well, that is yet another issue. The food in this part of the country is known to be very hearty and serves as the perfect treat after a lengthy cycling tour.