Lake Garda

Lake Garda, Italy´s largest lake, shows itself in its wonderful surrounding of natural luminosity and colours: a unique holiday spot regardless of which season we find ourselves in. Embedded between the mountains in the north and open towards the southern plains, Lake Garda offers a large variety of sights and views. Moreover, the moderate climate is the best precondition for a relaxing vacation. Even centuries ago, Europe´s aristocrats appreciated this fact.

Its shores, studded with villages and small towns, add the charm of a cultivated landscape to the beauty of its rich natural environment, and the spell of finds of ancient Roman settlements, medieval fortresses, imposing buildings and noble villas. With its Romanesque parish churches, its Baroque-style churches and its sanctuaries, with its monasteries and hermitages, Lake Garda shows all the different aspects of its personality, even as an incomparable spiritual place. There are ample opportunities to do watersports, be it windsurfing, sailing, swimming or motorboat sports - the lake has something to offer for every taste.

At night, many restaurants, bars and discotheques allow you to meet friends and locals. Of course, Italy´s north is well-known for its exquisite cookery. And wine lovers know very well where to find the best wine around Lake Garda.