Lago Idro

Lake Idro (also known as Lake Eridio) is 368 metres above sea level and the highest import lake in Lombardy. It is situated beween Lake Garda and Lake Idro and considered one of the cleanest lakes in the country. Lake Idro is long and narrow and has a surface area of 11 square kilometres. It is flanked by the steep Dolomite foothills and in the north it opens on to a flat, fertile area of reclaimed land. Its tributary is River Chiese. The water of the lake is used by the power industry and for irrigating the Mantua, Cremona and Brescia plains.

One tends to think that the area is yet to be discovered by tourists, but that is not true. Taking into account the large number of hotels, camping sites and bungalow parks, many people must have already made Lake Idro their favourite holiday area. The lake is beautifully situated in the midst of lush, green mountain slopes that go down right to the water level. Thanks to its wealth in fisch, the steady wind and the the fact that large motorboats are banned from the lake, it is considered a paradise amongst windsurfers, sailing fans, anglers and swimmers.

The most important towns on the lake are Anfo, on the left side and Idro, at the southern end, both in the province of Brescia. Both have tourist marinas and bathing beaches. State road no. 237 runs along the west side of the lake through the Rendena valley and Madonna di Campiglio. There is no ferry service on the lake.