Get out of your car in a town in the far north of Italy, and you´ll think you are still in Germany. In South Tyrol German remains the predominant language. Most people in the Trentino unterstand German. Some miles south you finally reach Italy, it is said. This is the stuff clichés are made of, one could claim, but the cliché surely contains at least a tiny grain of truth. Surely, the soft transition from the typical German style to the Italian way of life makes it so pleasant for many guests to relax here during their holidays.

The visitor decides to which extent he wants to enjoy the cultural difference and choose their holiday accommodation accordingly. The buquet of activities Northern Italy has to offer is extremely versatile, one example being the main part of the Alps with its assortment of excellent skiing and hiking areas. Water sports can also be be done on one of the numerous lakes this mountainous region has to offer.

The Ligurian coast and the northern most part of the Adriatic coast with Venice as the touristic highlight are still part of Northern Italy. And as the countryside changes on its way to the south so does the food and the wine. It is thus certain that your journey cannot just be measured in kilometers, as there are many ways in which distances can be indicated. This is particularly true for Italy.

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