Black Forest

The Black Forest, this well-known mountain range in the south-west of Germany, extends from Pforzheim in a southern direction for about 150 kilometres. In the northern parts the mountain peaks are rather modest in altiude, but the further south you get, the higher they become, the Feldberg peak measuring just over 1500 metres above sea level. In the south and in the east the Black Forest is bordered by the deeply-incised Rhine Valley. The Upper Rhine Rift has the mildest climate in the whole of Germany and is thus predestined for the cultivation of wine, fruit and other agricultural products.

The range of products you find in the Black Forest is very varied. The Black Forest Cake has as much of a trademark character as the Black Forest Ham. And the cuckoo clocks are exported all over the world. Pforzheim is a town known for its high-quality goldsmith´s work while other areas live on the watch and clock industry. Forestry and agriculture are still very important for the region´s economy, as is tourism. In the early days the spa resorts played a most vital role in the tourism industry. Today, people usually come to the Black Forest to spend an activity holiday. There is much to choose from and almost every taste will be satisfied.

Be it a wellness vacation in the swanky holiday resort of Baden-Baden, mountainbiking rides through the souther of the Black Forest, an active vacation in Titisee with a day visit to the theme park in Rust near Freiburg or a bon-vivant holiday in Baiersbronn, the place that boasts the largest number of Michelin stars.