Bernese Oberland

The enchanting Bernese Oberland is set in the typical Swiss Alpine mountainous surroundings. Northeastwards the mountainous scenery gives way flat but hilly swathe of land with several lakes, of which the Lake Thun is the most famous one. The Bernese Oberland is also characterised by very high massifs, the summits of which have names sounding like the titles of old mountaineering stories: Jungfrau, Monk, the Eiger.

This breathtaking and attractive countryside is dotted with small mountain lakes that wait to be discovered by hikers. And what would Switzerland be without its characteristic houses and small villages? Several picturesque places in the Bernese Oberland look more than just very inviting. Wonderful paintings and carvings alongside the narrow streets are witnesses of the handicraft skills of the people that live here.

The Alpine pastures are open to the public and the cows grazing here in summer provide the milk necessary for the Swiss national products, the cheese, and of course for the famous Swiss chocolate. Enjoy the relaxing and natural lifestyle of the Bernese Oberland.