The region of Aquitaine is situated in south-western France and includes the Départements Dordogne, Gironde, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne and Pyrénées-Atlantiques. In the west the region is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. The impressive, kilometer-long sandy beaches, dune landscapes and the lakes and ponds behind these were formed over thousands of years by the ocean’s currents and the winds. Thanks to the gulf-stream, the regions climate is mild and humid throughout the year.

Famous for its wines and cuisine, Aquitaine is also very well-known for its forests. Apart from endless vineyards, the region also boasts the largest connected forest area in the whole of Europe.

The inland lake Arcachon is well-frequented by swimming fans and skippers as well as by ornithologists: The area is a protected biotope and bird sanctuary. With a height of 100 metres and length of three kilometres, the Dune du Pyla is the largest sand dune in Europe. It is visited by more than a million visitors each year and is considered a natural monument. The estuary of the Gironde river is the largest of its size in Europe and fascinates every visitor to the region.